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[IP] diabetes camp

I agree with both sides on this one - before I start, let me all say
that some of us seem to have some feisty opinions on certain subjects...
just remember, each to their own - often times there is no correct answer/

I totally agreed with Lori before I went to camp (went when I was 8 and 9
years old) - I hated diabetes and hated support groups and although I was
open about diabetes, I envisioned a camp in a hospital setting - with lots
of "educational" info and the like.

I went.  And I loved it - except for the swimming ;)  Exercise is very
hard to handle with a child.  Basically camp was camp - but with a few
doctors around to make sure you could "keep" up, that you didn't go low.
It also - now that I am older I can appreciate this - it settles a mother's
heart.  That little tommy can play and run and exercise like crazy, but
there was always someone there to make sure he was ok ;)

Even though I enjoyed camp, in my adolescent years I returned to that
impression of the stigma of going to a "disabilities" camp - probably
just a teenage girl's emotional rollercoaster more than anything... 
By that age, most kids can handle it themselves and CAN go to a regular
camp, so it does seem more support-group-ish.

Please parents don't ever "force" your children to attend support
groups, or to go to camp - allow them the option but don't choose for
them - it only breeds rebellion.

I'll also chime in one last piece of advice, I know its hard, but if
your child is in control of his own disease and his numbers are good,
don't ask at every meal, 'what was it?  did you give your shot yet?'!

One of my childhood pet peeves,
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