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Re: [Fwd: TFS Delivery Failure: Re: [IP] when to change set...]

At 08:21 AM 7/1/1999  Donna wrote:

 >> Your message to the following recipients was undeliverable:
 >> email @ redacted
 >has anyone else gotten this before?  I sent the original message to insulin
 >pumpers.  the message got to insulin pumpers but I got this response too. I
 >also gotten email that was not addressed to me but others on the ip list.

The original message may have had other recipients in the either the "To:" 
"Cc:" (carbon copy) fields. If your mailer is set to reply to all, then you 
may have unknowingly replied not only to this list, but to any other people 
in the "To:" and "Cc:" fields. The solution is to make sure that your email 
program is not automatically replying to all and also to check the header 
of all replies to make sure that both the "To:" and "Cc:" fields are accurate.


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