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Re: [IP] Bolusing to fill Cannula

At 10:13 AM 7/1/1999  Al & Mary Rebholz wrote:
 >So, if I'm understanding things correctly, to fill the cannula requires
 >a .5-1.0 bolus.  Does one need to eat to cover this bolus accordingly? I
 >realize people are eating and bolusing after a set change as a safety
 >measure, but this bolus is independent of the bolus needed to fill the
 >cannula, correct?

The 0.5-1.0 bolus with a set change is only to fill the cannula and should 
not affect anything else. I've never associated eating and doing an extra 
bolus with any set-change. I just change it, give 1.0 units to fill the set 
and forget it. For the most part this works for me... but each person may 
be different.

 >Also, if one disconnects to take a shower leaving the
 >pump in RUN, and you prime to make sure insulin is still coming out of
 >the tubing, do you need to bolus to fill the cannula, or should it
 >already be filled assuming it was before your shower?

I keep my pump running when I disconnect. Afterwards, if there is insulin 
at the needle tip, I just plug her in. If not, I'll do a 0.3-0.4 bolus to 
make sure that the insulin is up there. Also, unless I'm running really 
low, I'll give myself at least an extra .05 when I re-connect after a 
shower, to compensate for what I missed while unconnected.

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