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Re: [IP] help with rebellion

> In a message dated 6/30/99 10:26:50 AM Central Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> Probably the best thing anyone
>  can do for this kid is STOP TELLING HIM WHAT TO  DO AND GIVE HIM CHOICES!!! 
> >>
> Brilliant response Aimee.  I agree with you 1000%.  I hope Brian reads your 
> post. 

Yup i have been reading the posts and printing a few out to take to 
my instructor (yup i blacked out the names and addresses).  And 
told her that the best thing to do is to step back and see what he 
wants to do and try and find other was of taking the insulin (but 
they would have to talk with the Dr. on that).  but i stresses TAKE 
A FEW STEPS BACK..  i also brought up the point  yes she can 
put him in the hospital and force treatment on him but what 
happens when he goes home.  he will be more "pissed off" and 
possibly rebel even more.  I am also going to give her my moms 
number to talk with his parents (their is only so much i can say 
parents have a totally different look on D).  we will see how it goes.. 
I'll keep everyone informed.. also trying to get his parents or him on 
this list....  

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