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Re: [IP] I'm home!!

> My bg are ok, very good for me, no where
> near as many bounces...some lows last night, from the 40s to 80s, so
> pump was off like 4 hours, my parents didn't sleep much, up at least
> once an hour. Called the endo an hour ago, decreased the basal rate
> from .7 all day, to .6 from 9 pm to 4 am..of course, i'm so out of
> it now, I couldn't even get the pump to program correctly! had to
> call Minimed for their help! So, definitely a restless few weeks to
> come, but my bg @ bfast..87 at 10:30 am, was still 87 2 hours
> later!!
Keeping lowering your basal rates 0.1u at a time for the ones that 
lead the time period you are low. You can actually set the rate to 
0.0 if you need to, set it to 0.1 first then decrement down and save. 
It will take a couple of weeks to flush all the N out of your system 
then you can do a basal profile and get thing right. Review the 
material in Pumping Insulin and look at the HOWTO's on the web site. 
It's a pain to do all the work at first, but when you get it right it 
will make life a lot easier. Be prepared to alter ALL your basal 
rates up down then up again on a monthly basis about a week ahead of 
that phase of the moon, otherwise you might get low in the night.

Post your questions and concerns.

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