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Re: [IP] Scuba Question

>  He
> also said my blood sugar sould be at least 150, and to eat a meal
> bar before going down.
I skin dive with Lily and her brother. Scuba will take less energy, 
but you chill faster because your not generating as much heat from 
the lower activity level. You need to make sure you do not get 
chilled. Water conducts heat away from your body roughl 700 
times better than air as I recall. You can burn a lot of energy 
real quick. Lily tries to start a dive at 150 and eats a power 
bar (or at least half of one) prior to going in the water. Carry a 
sealed tube of glucose gel with you at all times and make sure one or 
more of your dive buddies has one as well. This will keep you going 
til you can get out of the water if you start to get low.

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