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Re: [IP] Carb/BG/Insulin Ratios

> Also, I have never
> figured out my carb/bg ratio, so now that I am taking shots with
> every meal I need to know that.  Any one figure these ratios out
> with MDI?  HELP!  I looked at how to figure it out on the pump, but
> with my NPH still lurking from my morning shot, I don't know how
> effective that method would be.  

Carb/bg is easy. Test, eat 2 glucose tablets then test again in 20 
minutes. You should be able to get repeatable results on separate 
days or many hours apart. Just take the difference between the 
readings and calculate the ratio.  There are HOWTO's on the web site 
covering this and the whole ratio/basal thing.

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