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Re: [IP] Re: relationships

At 11:18 AM 6/30/1999  Trish wrote:
 >this is begging for a 'wifely' response...but,  being a person of 'no
 >warts' myself... :-))  ... i am exercising admirable restraint.
 >(who sam always terms the 'model of perfection' --- NOT)

I'm treading on very dangerous ground here...  but, based on experience, 
it's more difficult to live with a perfect person then it is to live with 
one that has lots of faults.  :-)

However, some people only "think" that they are perfect... and even some 
angels have faults. <grin>

I think I'd better stop there, before I dig myself into a real hole. <LOL>

(who may have to sleep with the dogs tonight)

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