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Re: [IP] Technical Error Messages

At 12:59 PM 6/30/1999  nancy apple wrote:
 >I am having second thoughts about purchasing the MM pump ever since a
 >pumper told me that he had experienced frequent "No Delivery Messages"
 >but does not have this problem with the Diestronic.  He also led me to
 >believe that MM could would be problematic since my daily insulin intake
 >is low (about 27 units).

I've been on the MM 507 for just about 13 months and have only gotten a "no 
delivery" alarm maybe 2 times (except when I've run out of insulin). In 
both cases, it was a case of a crimped tubing... this could happen with any 
pump. I use the Silhouette and don't think there is an inherent problem 
with the MM and no delivery alarms.

Also, we have a lot of children (and others) on this list who are using 
very low amounts of insulin with the MM. I don't think there is anything in 
the design of the current models that would prevent you from using a low 
bolus rate. Some of these statements may have related to a much earlier 
model of the pump or related problems with the infusion set.

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