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[IP] I'm home!!

Hey All
 Well, you know what the hospital experience was like!! I'm glad to be
home!! Left feeling sick, so just got some Phenergan and went, I
refused to stay any longer. My bg are ok, very good for me, no where
near as many bounces...some lows last night, from the 40s to 80s, so
pump was off like 4 hours, my parents didn't sleep much, up at least
once an hour. Called the endo an hour ago, decreased the basal rate
from .7 all day, to .6 from 9 pm to 4 am..of course, i'm so out of it
now, I couldn't even get the pump to program correctly! had to call
Minimed for their help! So, definitely a restless few weeks to come,
but my bg @ bfast..87 at 10:30 am, was still 87 2 hours later!!
 So, they want us to call daily, which I'm sure we will. I decided I
couldn't really handle going away this weekend, I didn't want to be a
zombie at someone else's house! 
 I see my pump's potential, just haven't quite reached it yet! and I
hate glucose tabs and they don't keep my bg up, which is probalby why
the lows keep coming and staying, even with the pump off.
 One thing my pump trainer didn't answer too well was about ordering
supplies, b/c I do it straight through mM and she wasn't through them,
so any ideas? should I just talk with MM on the phone to decide? I mean
in a mnoth or so, I'm not sure if I'll stick with sofsets or what. My
cde said I can leave in the reservoir for six days, and then change it,
so I'm not quite sure yet. But I've heard insulin doesn't last so long
in the hot summer, so i may stick with 3 days in the beginning, plus
it'd be a full 300 units at least for 6 days, so... 
 It's nice not to have to eat at certain times or remember a shot, in
fact, on the start up day, they got behind, thank goodness we weren't
just diabetics on shots, otherwise 2 of us would've bottomed out...we
didn't get lunch until 2:30 and we had started our days at like 6am ,
so that was neat.
 Well, I'm pooped
 Thanks for your support all!
 D 10+ years, Pumper 4 days

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