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Re : [IP] Camps

< A whole week or two of pretty >
<much focusing on diabetes was just overkill for me (I went for two
years and> 
<hated every minute of it).>

I guess this is what confuses me.  Maybe it was just the camp system I
to, but we DIDN'T focus on the diabetes.  Focus was on swimming,
arts and crafts, hikes, camp-wide treasure hunts, skits, dances, etc. 
focus was on camp stuff.  No one was criticized for their control.  in
I don't remember once being told what I was doing was wrong, or not as
as what "Jane" was doing.  It was camp.  Just happened we were
the counslers were diabetics, the chef, etc.  I don't remember getting
any paraphenilia from companies, etc.  The last time I went was  9 years
ago, first time was 17 years ago.

-- Sherry
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