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RE: [IP] $2000 for training? Are you nuts?!

Actually, we encountered a similar situation.  Our doctor wanted to hook
Kelly up as an in-patient at a Diabetes Treatment Center, resulting cost
would be in a similar range.  Our insurance refused to pay, classifying
it as training.  Our doctor is all for the pump, but not very
experienced with it, especially with a 5-yr old.  He finally agreed to
allow us to receive training directly from the pump-rep at no cost, and
to hook her up at home, which we're doing the week after next.  He did
say, however, that he won't write Rx's for pumps anymore unless the pump
companies get authorization from the insurance companies, for not only
the pump, but the training/initiation costs as well, before they ship
the pump to the patients home.  So we lucked out, but I'm afraid we may
have spoiled it for his other patients.  He's the only ped. endo in
town, and our insurance refused to pay for us to go anywhere else.  He's
basically afraid that we're going to "expect too much" from him,
regarding adjusting basals (he doesn't have the experience or time to do
this), but I for one have learned not to rely on doctor's for anything.
Sad but true.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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