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Re:[IP]help with rebellion-Lori

>From: Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>
>I don't know what the comment was you were responding too,
>but the reply you made seemed pretty small minded to me.
><I disagree with the comment on camp.  The idea is still foreign to me
>I absolutely refused 25 years ago, and I still would. >
     I think it all depends on your personality.  Some people don't mind 
being identified primarily as a diabetic (and I have to agree w/ Lori that 
that's what "special" camps do, whether they're for diabetics, people 
w/developmental disabilities or other "conditions"), but others of us do.  
Obviously, some people enjoy being around folks who share the same concerns 
and experiences as they do, but others just don't.  It feels very artificial 
to me, but I am also someone who has a good support system of folks who can 
empathize and help me out when I need it.  A whole week or two of pretty 
much focusing on diabetes was just overkill for me (I went for two years and 
hated every minute of it).  If someone is not in good control, that intense 
focus could feel like some pretty severe criticism  which would not be 
terribly motivating for a rebellious 16 year old, diabetic or otherwise.  We 
all have different points of view.

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