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Re: [IP] Technical Error Messages

I've hardly had any NO DELIVERY messages on my Minimed, and when I have
them, it's usually because I've run out of insulin.. I like to use insulin
to the last drop :)  
27 units a day is a little low, but not unbelievably low.  What really
matters is what your basal rate would be set at.  The lowest basal rate I've
used is 0.6 units per hour, and that worked fine.. I know others on the list
have used lower basals and may have some comments on how low Minimeds will
go, but I would think they should go to 0.1/hr no problem.

Both pumps have been rigorously tested in many diabetics, and one shouldn't
be chosen over the other because of problems, but rather because of features
you prefer.  For instance, Disetronic is waterproof & is coming out with a
tiny pump, minimed has a backlight and a dual bolus and may have the
continuous glucose monitor out in a year.  


Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
email: email @ redacted

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