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[IP] dream beam

I know that at least some of these claims are inaccurate.  I know someone in
Gaithersburg who participated in their trials a year or two ago, so they are
by saying that the government prevented their prototypes from ever being
The company's real webpage is at http://www.futrex.com and I fully believe
in their
methods of testing bg's, as I work with Near-IR light also, but I don't know
where the
company went wrong.  I've heard they tried to fraud results to get funding,
but I
don't know how this is true, and they dispute this widespread claim on their

I wish one of these companies would hurry up and come out with a noninvasive
meter, how hard could it be??  I'm ready to setup a laser lab in my
apartment and
start my own trials, I really really am.


>I found this in Yahoo's news items about diabetes, pretty weird, huh?

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