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Re: [IP] Carb/BG/Insulin Ratios

Sherry wrote:

> Also, I have never
>figured out my carb/bg ratio, so
>now that I am taking shots with every meal I need to know that.  Any one
>figure these ratios out 
>with MDI?  HELP!  I looked at how to figure it out on the pump, but with
>my NPH still lurking from
>my morning shot, I don't know how effective that method would be.  

That's a good question.  But I think for now, just figure it out for the
Humalog.  To clarify, the NPH will be a constant, the Humalog the one you
can be flexible with.  So, as long as you know how much H to figure for
your food, you should be OK.  Obviously, this won't be perfect, the NPH may
throw you a curve every once in a while.  And, you will refigure this ratio
when you go on the pump.  But for now, try this:

Find a meal where your bg readings are "decent" two hours afterwards.
Count the grams of carbohydrate in this meal and divide by the number of
units of H you took for it.  This will be a good starting point.  Try using
this ratio to figure out how much H to give for another meal and see if it
gets you in the ballpark.  If you aren't having any meals with decent
numbers two hours after, you can still use the information to help.  For
instance, if you are too high after a meal, figure out the carb to insulin
ratio like I described, and then adjust it.  For instance, if your ratio
was calculated to be 15:1, but your bg was too high after the meal, then
try moving to 12:1 (or whatever you think would be closer).

After you start pumping, you'll need to fine tune a bit, but probably not
by much.  Afterall, the NPH is supposed to mimic the basal rate, and so
your bolus ratio may actually be very close to what you are using now.

Best wishes, let me know if this works for you.

Mary Jean

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