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Re: [IP] help with rebellion

In a message dated 6/30/99 10:26:50 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Probably the best thing anyone

Brilliant response Aimee.  I agree with you 1000%.  I hope Brian reads your 
post.  I also was a very rebellious 16 year old.  I never quit taking 
insulin, but I did quit testing.  I really believe that a good dr. could have 
helped me instead of one who constantly told me how "bad"  I was.  I was very 
tired of my mom telling me what to do at that age and quit listening to all 
of them.  I was sent to a "shrink" who told me I hated my mother.  "Not true 
I told him.  I hate you." (haha)  I went to one session only.  I don't think 
a person can get help until they want help.  When I left home at 17 and took 
control of my own life I began the process of understanding the importance of 
diabetes control.  It took me about 4 years to do this, but I survived and am 
doing quite well.  This child will do well too once he accepts that dm is 
forever and he has to deal with it to really be happy.
Acceptance of this disease is a wonderful thing.  I wish there was a special 
formula that would give all dm'ers this acceptance.  Some of us just have to 
learn the hard way.  I found that what worked for me the best was talking to 
other people with diabetes.  A support group is best IF he would go to one.  
That worked better for me than all of those professionals and overly 
concerned family members who just don't have a clue about living with this 
disease, but think they do.  ellen  
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