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Re: [IP] help with rebellion

There shows a good example of the differences in people.  My husband would be 
like you.  Extremely private, sometimes even a non communicator.  I felt so 
much better after I went to camp.  You have to realize that at that time I 
felt awful, control was minimal at best due to not having blood testing and 
only taking one shot of NPH regular mix in the AM.  I went to camp, came back 
charged up and had to talk to my doc to putting me on two doses of NPH and 
regular insulin.  Where I grew up the first time I went to by a blood testing 
machine it cost $300 and I was making $1.70 an hour with no insurance.  The 
pharmacist tried to talk me out of doing blood testing because "every time 
you open your skin up, you chance an infection."  Whow-- the dark ages.  My 
suggestion was only a suggestion, not set in granite.  What works for one 
won't work for all.  Thanks for your comments back.
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