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Re: [IP] when to change set...

I do it whenever it needs it.  When I first started, I believed the
literature about not changing before bed, but now in fact I think it is
probably one of the better times.   If for some reason, the insertion is a
total failure (which has only happened once in a year and a half, and then
it was immediatly obvious because the prime bolus wouldn't go in),  then
you will wake up high in the morning, for not having the basal.  Things
could be a lot worse.   If I were to change before a meal, then bolus for a
big meal, if the site were a failure, when I checked before the next meal,
my BG's would be off the wall, because now i missed both the basal and the
bolus.   (yes I know you are supposed to check a few hours after a change,
but I don't always remember :-).   So relax and give before bed a try.  I
find it the easiest least rushed time of the day to change.
I wonder how many Sil/tender users get insertion failures anyway, at least
after a few dozen insertions?

<<<<Hi all.  Love my pump.  But I hate waking up at 6am to change the set every
few days.  What other times are recommended for changing it?  I know that
before bed is off limits.  How about before dinner?  Thanks.>>>>>>

Wayne Mitzner
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