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[IP] V A C A T I O N

      Hi Everyone!!

We are heading out on 3.5 wks vacation and will be extremely busy
enjoying our freedom!!  Ater 7 years we are planning a spontaneous
vacation....wait now...that doesn't sound right....we are not planning
anything?  Well yes we are, but at least plans can change LOL!!  We are
so excited about our new freedoms and plan to milk them for everything
they are worth!!

I am not unsubscribing as I plan on getting on a few times over the next

weeks to keep in touch.  I will be very busy when I get back catching
up...whew.  I will be in full withdrawel by that time....heading out
without our support line...but I AM BRAVE (wish I was as brave as Erica)

So see ya, all our cyber buddies, our whole family wishes all our
Canadian friends a wonderful Canada Day, and all our American friends a
wonderful July 4th, the rest of ya?  Have a great day even if it isn't a


Sooooo looking forward to a clock free, schedule free, holiday.

B Y E!!
Barb, Duck, Kristen, and Erica....Butterflies are Free   YIPPEE
(excuse the enthusiasm, I am just a tad excited at the prospect LOL)

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