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Re: [IP] when to change set...

i was never told i should get up early to change my site...do you mean
considerably earlier than usual?  i was only warned not to do it any time
after dinner.  i generally change mine right before breakfast but after my
shower in the morning.  i have changed it late at night because of problems,
so i just set the alarm for 3 hours later.


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Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 11:36 PM
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>How about when you run out of insulin!  They might not recommend
>it, but then they haven't approved Humalog in the pump either. I'll
>change my set whenever necessary, but like you I hate to wake up
>early just to change, so it may be the last thing I do before going to
>bed (but then I get to eat a big bowl of ice cream to bolus for) and
>test a couple hours later.
>> Hi all.  Love my pump.  But I hate waking up at 6am to change the set
>> few days.  What other times are recommended for changing it?  I know that
>> before bed is off limits.  How about before dinner?  Thanks.
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