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Fwd: [IP] Club name, slogan

My vote so far goes to     Insulin Pumpers: No longer a shot in the dark!
Helen (Ryan's mom)

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Here are my first ideas, this is fun!

  "Insulin pumpers:  Life is Sweet again!"

  "We can run for 3 days straight."

  "Insulin Pumpers thrive under pressure."

  "Pumpers,  the first cybernetic beings."

  "People who don't pump have vial lives!"

Ok the last one was bad...

as for everyone else's suggestions, these are my favorites so far:

"Insulin pumpers are always in control."
"Insulin pumpers:  no longer a shot in the dark."
"My other pancreas is a pump."

Miranda (over 3,000 injections)


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hello!  I'm a signature virus.  Join in the fun and copy me into yours!

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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