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Re: [IP] Wet Pumps

     When Marisa was swimming everyday, several hours, during June and July
she was continually having water in the area where the cog wheel is.
Disetronic said don't worry-- the pump is waterproof.  Sometimes I'd pour
1-2ml out when we changed cartridges.  They did say to dry out the chamber
with a tissue when changing the cartridge.  And yes, she was using the red
tappet correctly and putting it in the plastic case and we even switched
little gray screw cap in case it was defective.  A few weeks ago we were
getting sky high numbers and after do all one is to do when that happens with
no results we looked at the cog wheel--- It didn't actually look different but
the  white plastic cog certainly did not spin freely as it should.  So
switched to a new cog wheel and all is well.  So maybe when Disetronic says
"surface" swimming they don't mean the type of water play an 8 year  old
participates in --- diving games, head stands, etc.  We'll always keep spare
cog wheels around and be aware of what can happen.  But better yet, I'm
tempted to have her diconnect during swimming.  -- Just out
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