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Re: [IP] Wet Pumps

I just got a new MM507c and on page 105 it states

> There's been dialog on this on other lists in the past. The manual for my
> MiniMed 506 specifically states "Do not use any lubricants on your MiniMed
> pump mechanism. It has been treated with a special dry lubricant designed
> to last the life of the pump". (page 79) Some MM users have been
> specifically warned by their reps that use of a lubricant will void the
> pump warranty. I don't know if this info has changed for the MM 507 or 507c
> pumps. I understand they use the same motor and lead screw mechanism, so
> the warning probably still holds.
> "Repeated submersion in water" will void the MM warranty, as stated in the
> manual. If the Disetronic is damaged by exposure to water, it will be
> replaced under warranty.

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