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[IP] Fwd: Lisa Carmichael...in pregnancy chat

Everyone who ever wondered about Lisa?  This should clear up any dought.  I
don't mean to be so sneaky but I couldn't help myself.  She is pulling the
wool over so many people's eyes.  Some of you even sent gifts.  I found her in
this chatroom for pregnancy.  She told them her husband died 3 months ago, and
she is due on October 20th.  Says she is still pregnant!!  I copied and pasted
some of the things that went on in the chatroom.  Sorry if some are
duplicated, I was trying to keep up with the rapid moving talk.

-- BEGIN included message

CindyRN2be:	When is everyone due?
Shanbug:	9-5
LCarmic553:	10/20
CureALou:	April Fools Day
StpNmyRoom:	how far along are u MHEAT?
MEL N SCT:	Oct, 11
GalAZ24:	8/22CindyRN2be:	When is everyone due?
Shanbug:	9-5
LCarmic553:	10/20
CureALou:	April Fools Day
StpNmyRoom:	how far along are u MHEAT?
MEL N SCT:	Oct, 11
GalAZ24:	8/22CindyRN2be:	When is everyone due?
Shanbug:	9-5
LCarmic553:	10/20
CureALou:	April Fools Day
StpNmyRoom:	how far along are u MHEAT?
MEL N SCT:	Oct, 11
GalAZ24:	8/22
LCarmic553:	cindy the baby flip last night
CindyRN2be:	LC, do you know if it is a girl or a boy?
LCarmic553:	its a boy
LCarmic553:	cindy i lost my hubby in april
IceRose23:	Cure, HOT here also
CureALou:	LC oh i am so sorry
MEL N SCT:	Can't help it...I start back work next Mon and 	wanted to move
before then...no way now!!!
IceRose23:	LC, I am sorry !! 
Glynis:	It is actually chilly here today
NMISSME:	sorry to here that Lcar
OnlineHost:	HEAHER82 has entered the room.
LCarmic553:	i was 3 months preg when he was killd iam 	27 weeks now
IceRose23:	Lc, I am so sorry that is terrible
CindyRN2be:	how is the pregnancy going LC?
LCarmic553:	going good
LCarmic553:	iam a diabetic since i was 12 years and iam 	36 now
CindyRN2be:	wow LC you have a lot going on in your life
LCarmic553:	yes i do cindy
MEL N SCT:	gotta go bug the bank about this house 	thing...bye ya'll!!
LCarmic553:	i need all the support yall can give me
CindyRN2be:	and your husband died in April and you are 	due October 20?
NMISSME:	yoiur in the right place LC
Shanbug:	bye mel
IceRose23:	LC, have you been to a support group or 	counsling or somthing yet?
CindyRN2be:	what will you name your baby LC?
StpNmyRoom:	LC may i ask how he passed?
LCarmic553:	cindy lee die monday afternoon and he found 	out it was a boy
LCarmic553:	yes
OnlineHost:	Reeses1 has entered the room.
LCarmic553:	tyler lee carmichael
IceRose23:	did you get any kind of settlement-- was ti 	the other persons
LCarmic553:	hi nursey
Reeses1:	hey everyone!
NMISSME:	hi reeses
Shanbug:	hi reeses
Devychel:	hi reese
LCarmic553:	yall the baby just flip
LCarmic553:	yes it is and i though i was fliping
OnlineHost:	Jo hema2 has entered the room.
StpNmyRoom:	well ladies i have to go .....LC ..i will keep u 	in my prayers.  
LCarmic553:	i have this little miracle inside of my
CindyRN2be:	LC, did you tell this group of nice ladies that 	you told another
group you just had a baby
CindyRN2be:	on July 12
Shanbug:	LOL what ???
LCarmic553:	no
Billja1817:	Billja has entered the room
CindyRN2be:	what about the Insulin Pumpers group?
LCarmic553:	a iam still preg
IceRose23:	Cindy, WHAT????
LCarmic553:	that was my nice
Shanbug:	LC you have been lying??????
CindyRN2be:	yes she is
LCarmic553:	no i have not!
CindyRN2be:	yes she is
LCarmic553:	no i have not!
LCarmic553:	good day
Shanbug:	that is not something to lie about LC
NurseyB:	Why would anyone lie about being pregnant?
Reeses1:	does anyone have any advice
CindyRN2be:	she told another group of nice people that her 	baby was born July
LCarmic553:	GOOD DOY
CindyRN2be:	I have proof
IceRose23:	brb- pee brake
CindyRN2be:	it is documented in file archives
Shanbug:	so why did you tell another room that you 	had your baby?
NMISSME:	whats that cindy?
Reeses1:	i don't know, about 2 months
OnlineHost:	XYINGXYANG has entered the room.
Shanbug:	LC take your caps off please
CindyRN2be:	LC, I have copies of postings you sent saying 	you need our love
and support
XYINGXYANG:	hello everyone
NMISSME:	hi xy
CindyRN2be:	saying you delivered your baby on July 12 in 	the ER
Shanbug:	hi xy
Shanbug:	LC what is the truth??
NMISSME:	whens everyone due?
Billja1817:	I just had my baby 20 days ago
Jo hema2:	11-06
Myguytows:	what the chat?????
NMISSME:	congrats bill
IceRose23:	March 7yh
CindyRN2be:	she said his name was tyler and he was 6 	lbs. 14 oz
LCarmic553:	the turth is my nice had a baby and iam not 	liying
Reeses1:	what did you name him!
CindyRN2be:	you are full of it LC
LCarmic553:	yes hi did
Shanbug:	or were you lying about that too
CindyRN2be:	when she joined the insulin pumpers group 	she sent a profile to
Reeses1:	Kane...i like that, it sounds , strong
LCarmic553:	he was killd
Myguytows:	Who is lying? and aboout what??
CindyRN2be:	she didn't mention being married, widowed, 	pregnant
CindyRN2be:	and even said she lost 18 lbs
XYINGXYANG:	How is everyone feeling today?
Devychel:	fine x
OnlineHost:	JChar32352 has entered the room.
CindyRN2be:	this LCarmic joined the list and told us lies
JChar32352:	how far along is everybody?
OnlineHost:	VMAN3000 has entered the room.
Reeses1:	maybe then they won't be so mad
NurseyB:	no, hoping for a boy
OnlineHost:	VMAN3000 has left the room.
CindyRN2be:	said she had the baby on July 12
CindyRN2be:	said she had him in the ER
Myguytows:	38 weeks
NurseyB:	34
LCarmic553:	cindy iam not liying
CindyRN2be:	and she tells you that she is due Oct. 20
NMISSME:	i am having second boy.
Devychel:	14 weeks
Billja1817:	Where are you going to look for one?
CindyRN2be:	then she puts it all off on this neice that uses 	her screen name
JChar32352:	Nursey im 34 weeks too
Shanbug:	LC for 36 yrs old you don't spell very good
NurseyB:	NMIss, did you want a girl
IceRose23:	<~~~ got pregnant on the wedding night-- 	one heck of a night !!
XYINGXYANG:	37 weeks Sunday
Shanbug:	lol ice
NMISSME:	really badly nursey its my last child.
LCarmic553:	will iam sorry iam mad
Reeses1:	anywhere that will hire a 15 year old!
LCarmic553:	cindy i was killd in april not feb
Billja1817:	Yes
Myguytows:	why do people have to lie to have a chat
OnlineHost:	Melmo1016 has entered the room.
NMISSME:	for attention shan
NurseyB:	you were killed
IceRose23:	have lc on Ingore
CindyRN2be:	they don't.  She upset so many people.  She 	used us so badly
Shanbug:	what is she talking about now???
OnlineHost:	Myguytows has left the room.
LCarmic553:	myguytowns can you im please now
CindyRN2be:	I had to tell you all
Shanbug:	thanks cindy
OnlineHost:	PND214 has entered the room.
CindyRN2be:	I have copied some of the things she has 
	said in here and I will forward it to our IP list
NMISSME:	thanks cindy
Shanbug:	i hate feeling sorry for people that LIE
IceRose23:	thanks Cindy, I was really fealing bad for her
Jo hema2:	yea mee too
BootsOK:	i hate liers to begin with
NMISSME:	so was i
Shanbug:	me too
PND214:	Hello
IceRose23:	that makes me SO mad
NMISSME:	hi pnd
PND214:	Who you all takling about?
PND214:	Hi Nm?
Jo hema2:	hi pnd
NMISSME:	how are you feelng today?
CindyRN2be:	she has sent many postings to the group of 	400 people
Shanbug:	she probably isn't even married
NMISSME:	im due the 23 of sept but am having 14 of 	sep
Jo hema2:	were people sending her stuff??
CindyRN2be:	said her husband died in Feb, she already 	had the baby July 12
CindyRN2be:	that he weighed 6 lbs 14 oz
CindyRN2be:	yes, she was sent presents for the baby
BootsOK:	NM????
OnlineHost:	JChar32352 has left the room.
NMISSME:	having scheduled c section
CindyRN2be:	then she tells you all that it wasn't her, it was 	her neice
saying that
IceRose23:	that is SO SICK, what causes a person to 	say those things !!
BootsOK:	why???
Shanbug:	how rotten
Shanbug:	who knows ice
CindyRN2be:	I decided to use my other screen name and 	see where she was
OnlineHost:	Myguytows has entered the room.
Devychel:	this is my second 1st was a peice of cake 	foxy
Shanbug:	oh she left us finally
CindyRN2be:	when I saw she was in the chatroom I just 	had to pop in and see
what she was
OnlineHost:	Myguytows has left the room.
CindyRN2be:	telling you all
OnlineHost:	Oakley430 has left the room.
Shanbug:	probably off to lie to some more people
OnlineHost:	LCarmic553 has entered the room.
CindyRN2be:	I have been coping and pasting the things 	she told you all and I
will post it to my
NurseyB:	Cindy, does she have any other sign on 	names
CindyRN2be:	insulin pump group
Shanbug:	she doesn't seem to be 36 either
CindyRN2be:	none that I know of
CindyRN2be:	I am sorry to have come in here and call her 	bluff
OnlineHost:	XYINGXYANG has entered the room.
CindyRN2be:	but she is so upsetting
OnlineHost:	XYINGXYANG has left the room.
OnlineHost:	REDPACER1 has entered the room.
BAM0930:	i am not due intill march i just had a baby in 	april
CindyRN2be:	she will suck you dry if you let her
Shanbug:	that's ok cindy i am glad you did

-- END included message