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Re: [IP] High BGs after exercise



>at the same time, makeing the problem even worse. When the tissue is 
>irritated (even slightly) local to the set insertion point, the 
>absorbtion of insulin is inhibited. I think it is possible for this 

Seems to have a potential fit with the site irritation / corruption / loss
of viability theories we've been banging around here. I wonder if the
irritation itself causes some sort of "anti body" or "defense" mechanism to
kick in, perhaps "attacking" what the body senses as the source of the
irritation - the Humalog, not the set itself. Repeated boluses at the same
spot just make it worse, since you're just pouring more Humalog on the
offended area. Move the set to a fresh spot, life gets fine again ;-)

I'm way out in "what if" land here, but just wondering.

>to recover if the irritation is slight but I know it creates a 
>problem for Lily so it probably does for others as well. Her bg's 
>don't go high with exercise, but she has experienced problems with 
>bolus for meals immediately and later, after exercise with the set 
>spot placed in an inappropriate place. Not using those areas cleared 
>up the problem entirely. It was not obvious what the difficulty was, 
>and we sorted it out by trial and error.

1)  Were these "inappropriate places" spots that Lily had used prior?
2)  Could these spots be used successfully when Lily was not exercising
(hence, not irritating the underlying tissue)?

I wish our tissue looked like those "visible people" models we had in
biology class many years ago ;-) Maybe I'm glad it doesn't.

Bob Burnett

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