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Re: [IP] High BGs after exercise

> However, when you do some kinds of exercise your body also releases adrenal and other
> hormones.  These raise your bg.

Yep, I know that. I'm looking for another kind of problem that is 
mechanical or rather a mechanical/body interaction due to movement of 
the set in the tissue. It is possible for both things to be going on 
at the same time, makeing the problem even worse. When the tissue is 
irritated (even slightly) local to the set insertion point, the 
absorbtion of insulin is inhibited. I think it is possible for this 
to recover if the irritation is slight but I know it creates a 
problem for Lily so it probably does for others as well. Her bg's 
don't go high with exercise, but she has experienced problems with 
bolus for meals immediately and later, after exercise with the set 
spot placed in an inappropriate place. Not using those areas cleared 
up the problem entirely. It was not obvious what the difficulty was, 
and we sorted it out by trial and error.

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