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Re: [IP] High BGs after exercise

I don't remember exactly how this works but here's my best recap:

    When you exercise, your body burns sugar.  It also makes insulin more available to
your cells.  Thus, blood sugars tend to go down.

However, when you do some kinds of exercise your body also releases adrenal and other
hormones.  These raise your bg.

If you see lower bg from exercise, than you are getting more of the first set of
effects.  If you see higher bg than you are getting more of the second.  I believe that
duration and the type of activity (and activities often involve combinations -- ie
cardiovascular and muscle strength etc) effect which one predominates.  I once had a
list but I'm afraid it disappeared in a move.  I'm fairly certain though that short
cardiovascular exercise drops my bg and more sustained exercise will raise it at the

Michael wrote:

> > About high bg's after exercising:  My son, Nathan, has the same problem after
> > playing for exercising for any amount of time.  If we treat that high, then we go
> > way too low several hours later.  Even if we do a temp. basal of 1/2.  Still a
> > problem we are working on!
> where does he install his set, and what kind is it?
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