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Re: [IP] High BGs after exercise

> Has anyone had problems with high bgs after exercise?  For a couple of
> yrs. now, I have had a problem with my bs going thru the roof after I
> exercise!  I did not have this issue when I was on shots--it started
> when I went on the pump.  I used to powerwalk and now I run, but the
> result is the same --my bs is 400-500 1hr after I exercise!  It does not
> matter if my bs is 90 when I begin the workout or 250.  Its bizarre!  My
> endo tells me to just keep troubleshooting b/c the exercise is so good
> for me. 

Just a shot (no pun intended) in the dark. Lily has found that if she 
inserts her Comfort too low on her but (still on top) where it is 
near the muscle, when she works out, the infusion stops working. 
Sometimes it will continue for another day, but usually her blood 
sugars creep up. She is able to bolus down, but meal boluses don't 
seem to cover the meal properly. Changing the set gets things back to 
normal. We speculate that the infusion set, being near 'moving' 
tissue, ends up in a corrupted site due to the continuous wiggling 
around. If she always puts the set very high on her butt (lower on 
back) this does not happen. The tissue there and the underlying 
muscle does not move very much when she runs, etc....

Take a look at your set and see if the muscle under it moves when you 
work out. If it does, try putting the set somewhere else where there 
is not underlying tissue movement when you work out.

Curious to see if this helps at all.

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