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[IP] High BGs after exercise

Has anyone had problems with high bgs after exercise?  For a couple of
yrs. now, I have had a problem with my bs going thru the roof after I
exercise!  I did not have this issue when I was on shots--it started
when I went on the pump.  I used to powerwalk and now I run, but the
result is the same --my bs is 400-500 1hr after I exercise!  It does not
matter if my bs is 90 when I begin the workout or 250.  Its bizarre!  My
endo tells me to just keep troubleshooting b/c the exercise is so good
for me.  I dont know though---a bs of 500 is a bit high--I wonder if a
bs that high negates any benefits from the run!  Luckily,  I have not
had too much  trouble with DKA as a result b/c I ususally bolus enough
to get it down quickly.  Its all very frustrating!  Any advice is
welcome!  Rachel, 28 y/o, pumping for 2 yrs.; on humalog.
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