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Re: [IP] Wet Pumps

I had an interesting experience with my Disetronic. I replaced the batteries
just like I did the first time. Screwed them in below the lip of the pump just
like I had been taught! Well, the first time Megan went in the pool after
that-water in the electronics compartment. YIKES!! I had to use the other pump
and sent the drowned one to Disetronic.

They tested the pump for watertightness and it passed the test. They sent me a
new pump(blue) and told me that I needed to check my battery placement or the
warranty COULD be void.

I SWEAR I screwed the batteries in BELOW the lip of the pump. All I can figure
is that the O-ring got crimped.

BTW-we get water in the insulin compartment ALL THE TIME because the red
tappet becomes dislodged. On the new pump I super glued the red tappet in and
broke  it off at the gray adapter. So far-NO WATER-just have to change it to
go on  an airplane.

Judy C.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/