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Re: [IP] Wet Pumps

Michael wrote:

>> The case itself is reasonably waterproof. It might leak water into the
>> electronics, 
>Disetronic will have the same problem if you take it too deep or 
>leave the watertight plugs out altogether and take it not so deep.
The electronics in the Disetronic are sealed and isolated from the chamber
which houses the insulin cartridge. Water does not "normally" make its way
to the other components. Pumps dropped or otherwise damaged may experience
problems with wetness, and should be checked.

The Disetronic is certified waterproof for "surface water activity", such
as showering, bathing, swimming. It is specifically excluded from water
activity which requires "supplemental breathing apparatus", such as scuba
tanks, re breathers, etc. (As well as a lot of those Jacques Cousteau types
of underwater gadgets, I assume <vbg>)


>> The secondary, and more likely problem, is that the feed screw next to the
>> syringe
>> will rust sometime later. That makes the pump lock up. If it does get
wet it's
>> best
>> to dry it out as soon as possible and clean it carefully with the brush
>> in the battery kits. If nothing else, the brush makes a good defense for

>Yes, and don't forget to lubricate it as recommended in the 
>instruction manual.

Do *NOT* lubricate the lead screw or pump motor mechanism.

There's been dialog on this on other lists in the past. The manual for my
MiniMed 506 specifically states "Do not use any lubricants on your MiniMed
pump mechanism. It has been treated with a special dry lubricant designed
to last the life of the pump". (page 79) Some MM users have been
specifically warned by their reps that use of a lubricant will void the
pump warranty. I don't know if this info has changed for the MM 507 or 507c
pumps. I understand they use the same motor and lead screw mechanism, so
the warning probably still holds.

"Repeated submersion in water" will void the MM warranty, as stated in the
manual. If the Disetronic is damaged by exposure to water, it will be
replaced under warranty.

It's a long summer - be careful out there ;-)

Bob Burnett

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