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Re: [IP] 6 Minute Fingerstick Hba1c Test


There is a meter for home use that does a GlucoProtien (fructosamine)
test.  That is a test that is very similar to the HbA1c.  It is called
the Duet and is made by LXN Corporation.  You can get more details from
LXN by calling 1-888-596-8378.

I have been told, however, that it not really practical for home use,
except in pregnant women.  I have also heard that it takes a giant drop
of blood!

<< Yeah, my docs been using the same machine for about a year and a
half. (at
least) it was experimental when they started it... insurance didn't
cover it.  They got around it.  It is quite nice... but its funny, cause
was in the waiting room for the endo, the nurse takes me to do the
(height weight bp, pulse -- 'am i breathing' --  and the a1c) the doc
late to the app, (it was an early one, like 7 -- normally doesn't see
patients till 9, so he was making an exception for me... I forgave
and the nuse came out of the room with the machine after 6 min, and i
how it came back.  She replies "i'll lose my job if I tell you."  I
that was rediculous.   What difference does it make if a nurse tells me
test, or tells a doc that tells me the test...???

difinitly a nice little machine though...I also heard of home a1c
tests...though they are like home hiv tests, you have to send them away
a lab and call a number in a week...(or something like that) >>


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