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[IP] Wet Pumps

> The case itself is reasonably waterproof. It might leak water into the
> electronics, 

Disetronic will have the same problem if you take it too deep or 
leave the watertight plugs out altogether and take it not so deep.

> it HAS happened to some people as I understand it, but they may have had a crack 
> in the case from some incident.
Lily drowned her 5-6  twice the first year she had it using the Sport 
Guard. It does seem to be relatively water resistant however. Since 
the advent of the Q/R, she simply takes it off when swimming - she 
doesn't need the insulin and sometimes needs carbo when swimming or 
skin diving.

> If the electronics get flooded you need a new pump.
Yes and no, see below. It certainly needs to go back to the factory 
for refurb.

Many moons ago, I was in the electronics hardware business. Circuit 
boards were assembled and then cleaned. The cleaning process involved 
washing in one or more solvents and THEN: a trip to the dishwasher to 
remove water soluable contaminantes. This was crucial for the removel 
of very low level contaminantes (we made EKG machines), otherwise the 
darn things would not work. So.... water per-se does not damage 
electronics. Because it contains free ions, electronics will not work 
when wet. If you try to operate electronics when wet, the ions nicely 
connect things together that shouldn't be connected and nothing works 
or worse...

> The secondary, and more likely problem, is that the feed screw next to the
> syringe
> will rust sometime later. That makes the pump lock up. If it does get wet it's
> best
> to dry it out as soon as possible and clean it carefully with the brush included
> in the battery kits. If nothing else, the brush makes a good defense for why
Yes, and don't forget to lubricate it as recommended in the 
instruction manual.

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