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Re: [IP] Here's a question...

James P Lyons wrote:

> I decided after hearing news broadcasts that blood stores were low,
> and
> the red cross was urging people to donate, that I would see if
> diabetics
> could give. (cause they have a slew of regulations regarding
> eligability)
> -- my father (type I for 25 years) told me I couldn't, well if I
> couldn't
> I was gonna try and find out why, and perhaps do some
> educating...cause
> it seemed to me that diabetics really wouldn't be that afraid of a
> needle
> in our arm for 15 min.  (how many shots have some of us had????)  And
> thats a big concern for alot of 'normal' people.  I found out that I
> can,
> as long as I haven't made any drastic changes to my insulin schedual
> in
> the last 2 weeks.  So I plan to stop by later this week, but I was
> wondering if anyone has experianced problems with bg after donating
> blood.  They take a good chunk out...if the fluid is simply
> replaced...I
> would expect it to force you low. (dillution) anyone have any
> experiance?
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I've been donating blood for years, the last 3 while on the pump.  It
has never been a problem with the Red Cross or me.  The bg's don't seem
to be affected by it at all. It's a good thing to do.  I recommend it.

Mike Anderson
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