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Paula wrote:


>I look to the membership for suggestions as to the name of this club.  I
>see that 21,900 injections got your atttention - send them forward to me.

I was messaging with another list member, and in a spur of the moment,
stream of consciousness kind of thing, I knocked out a response to
something in a more "militant" vein. (Basically, I was in one of those
moods - why does it seem we are doing a lot of the hard "work", field
research, live "trials" in the trenches, etc., yet we tend to get ignored
by many in the health care industry unless they want to sell us something,
blah, blah, blah kind of thinking). I was well on my way to a Dennis Miller
type of rant at that point. Any way, the banner I came up with was along
these lines:

"We're Pumpers, we're intelligent, we're survivors and we vote with our
wallets. Deal with us ..." 

I don't know about the "we vote with our wallets. Deal with us ..." part -
sounds kind of nasty, now that I look at it the day after, but perhaps the
beginning part might be worth knocking around for some comments from the

Or, how about "We used to be Pin cushions, now we're pumpers" ;-)

Might be interesting to also include a running tally of the total number of
estimated injections for the group as a whole. That would certainly be an
interesting number.

Bob Burnett

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