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Re: [IP] Here's a question...

Oh Boy do I have an experience!!

I first called the Red Cross to do a Platlet donation.  They said "of course a
diabetic can donate."  My husband and I decided to donate together.  We got
there and they had to ask me what type of insulin and how much I take.  I said
it varies because I use a pump.  That is were it got nasty.  They told me if I
was on injections I could donate but NOT if I use a pump.  When you call the
Red Cross be sure to ask if they will allow you to donate with a pump.

I did a sneaky thing.  Besides wanting to donate platelets for a friend who
needed them (he has cancer and was low in platlets) I would be given extra
credit in my Health class at college for donating.  So, I called another Red
Cross and made an appointment with them.  When they asked the diabetes
questions again I didn't mention the pump and I did the donation.  They did
come over while I was strapped to the chair and said they have a policy
against letting diabetics on pumps donate.  I asked why because it seems we
are more tightly controlled and have less incident with low blood sugars.
They told me that we are more at risk for infection because of the "needle"
being left in.

Good Luck,
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