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Re: [IP] 6 Minute Fingerstick Hba1c Test

     Just for the record, Melissa used to have her A1C done this way at
Children's Hospital in Philadelphia & we left there over 2 years ago.
Initially, when she was dx'd almost 6 yrs ago, the test had to be sent to
California (????) & we waited 2 wks for results, but I think they were using
this technique at least 3 yrs. ago. Point is, it DOES exist, although many
facilities may not have the capability.  Now she's seen at the Hospital of the
Univ. of Pennsylvania & they send it to their own lab & we get results within
2-3 days.  Certainly worth everyone being aware of its existence & mentioning
it to their endos, so thanks for the FYI alert!!!


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