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Re: [IP] 6 Minute Fingerstick Hba1c Test

Yeah, my docs been using the same machine for about a year and a half. (at
least) it was experimental when they started it... insurance didn't wanna
cover it.  They got around it.  It is quite nice... but its funny, cause I
was in the waiting room for the endo, the nurse takes me to do the vitals
(height weight bp, pulse -- 'am i breathing' --  and the a1c) the doc was
late to the app, (it was an early one, like 7 -- normally doesn't see
patients till 9, so he was making an exception for me... I forgave him...)
and the nuse came out of the room with the machine after 6 min, and i ask
how it came back.  She replies "i'll lose my job if I tell you."  I thought
that was rediculous.   What difference does it make if a nurse tells me the
test, or tells a doc that tells me the test...???

difinitly a nice little machine though...I also heard of home a1c
tests...though they are like home hiv tests, you have to send them away to
a lab and call a number in a week...(or something like that)

At 10:27 PM 7/29/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I saw my endo at Joslin today here in Syracuse. They no longer have to draw
>blood to do a Hemaglobin A1c. All they do is give you a finger stick (just
>like we all do at home and work every day) and they collect the sample with a
>special glass vial that has a very narrow neck on it so that it sucks in the
>blood via capillary action into it and onto what looks like some sort of test
>paper agent. Then they stick it in the machine and VIOLA!!!! Six minutes
>you have your HA1c. Mine was a 6.5. I thought it was really cool. No
longer do
>I have to get stuck with the huge needle and I don't have to wait 2 weeks for
>the result, I went and made my appointment for my next visit, and when I
>finished I had the results.
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