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[IP] 6 Minute Fingerstick Hba1c Test

I saw my endo at Joslin today here in Syracuse. They no longer have to draw
blood to do a Hemaglobin A1c. All they do is give you a finger stick (just
like we all do at home and work every day) and they collect the sample with a
special glass vial that has a very narrow neck on it so that it sucks in the
blood via capillary action into it and onto what looks like some sort of test
paper agent. Then they stick it in the machine and VIOLA!!!! Six minutes later
you have your HA1c. Mine was a 6.5. I thought it was really cool. No longer do
I have to get stuck with the huge needle and I don't have to wait 2 weeks for
the result, I went and made my appointment for my next visit, and when I
finished I had the results.
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