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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

James P Lyons wrote:
> Yes I am using humalog, and so far I like it... how do you do the mix. 
> (actuall process)  I men if there is 1000u in a bottle, then to acheive 
> say a 7:1 ratio, you would have to add about 142u of V or R...and there 
> isn't room in the bottle, and mixing in the syringe itself at draw up 
> time strikes me as difficult at best and impossible at worst.  Obviously 
> many of you do it, i'm just wondering how?


I mix in the syringe. Ratio 1:4 (it makes the maths easy - that's what a
mathematics degree does to you...) I draw up the R first, then the
humalog. It's a little fiddly, but no great problem. Bear in mind that
the first few units you bolus will be whatever you drew in last,
unmixed. This is not noticeable for me. You can draw a bit air into the
syringe afterwards to mix it all, and then expel it, but I don't know if
that's strictly necessary.

Pre-mixing in the bottle sounds the most sensible to me. If you have to
throw away a bit of humalog from a full bottle to make room for the
regular, that's no great loss. The only reason I don't do this yet is
that humalog is known to be a rather temperamental insulin, and adding
random amounts of other substances to the solution will alter the acid
balance and preservative concentration etc. It is theoretically possible
that this could adversely affect the stability and strength of the
insulin over a period of time. We've already heard one unfortunate tale
of humalog going glutinous when mixed with an NPH dilutent. For this
reason I'm nobly holding back, waiting for someone else to try it

Wayne (I believe) is currently mixing in the bottle, and if it doesn't
kill him, I shall probably do so as well. 

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