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New profile for Yerachmiel Bruchya Altman:

I am Yerachmiel Bruchya Altman.  I have been an insulin dependent diabetic since
my 25 month birthday (which was 36++ years ago) and went on a pump 18 years ago 
due to advanced renal hemoraging which could not be lasered due to area of eyes 
affected (one was on top of macula, other was on top of optic nerve).

With intense use of prayer, pump, testing, Pritikin diet and prayer I regained 
vision in eyes within a few months of pump therapy!!  Since then my stomach and 
I have are on non-speaking terms at times, my feet have been hypnotized into 
believing they are lead weights BUT Carpul Tunnel operation from ten years ago 
still permits me to sleep at night!

Having begun pumping when basal rates were adjusted by diluting insulin and 
pumps were almost as large as a walkmen (had mine mistaken for one a few times) 
it is a pleasure to use and live with the Minimed 507.

(For any relatively new pumpers or those considering it this is actually true: 
one calculated the ration of water to insulin to attain proper rate given that 
pump had ONE FACTORY PRESET basal of a few units/hour which was unchangable 
except by dilution) (and boluses were calculated based on dilution factor).  

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/