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Re: [IP] Re: diabetes/asthma

I've been told that asthmatics (and people with extreme allergies) tend to run lower blood sugars (not dramatically but lower) than the population at large.  In fact, my former neighbor who is hypoglycemic and allergic like this had a brother who died of diabetes (I think in the 1960s).  I know that my mother, aunt and brothers on the rare occasions they have been tested, tend to have lowish bgs. My aunt, mother, and one brother have asthma and they all have allergies.  My husband has asthma too but has only blood tested once and ran 82.  I was under the impression that the two diseases and arthritis are thought to stem from similar auto immune causes (that is, diabetes that is is precipitated by autoi mmune problems).  Asthma and diabetes are opposite effects (or apparently opposite effects) of related causes.  I believe arthritis (again auto immune arthritis, like Lupus) is a little more dissimilar..

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Judy, the incidence of asthma in the general population is about 8%.   In
some  older epidemiologic studies, the incidence of asthma in diabetics is
on the order of at most 1-2%.   I havent' seen any recent data, so it is
not clear if this big difference still exists now that we are all better
controlled.  From what I personally have seen, I think the incidence of
asthama in diabetics is still much lower than in normals.  So although most
of us still complain a lot, at least we don't wheeze :-)

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I find it very interesting that your asthma went away when you started
insulin. Have you ever read anything on this subject or any other "ailments"
that went away? I am just curious.
Judy C.>>>>>>>>>>>>

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