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[IP] Vision problems? Difficulty seeing your monitor?


I saved this message from another list, thinking it might be useful for
folks on Insulin Pumpers with problems viewing their computer monitor to
read and respond to e-mail. I've never seen the software, I've got no
financial interest in this company, I'm not reviewing the product. The
message was sent by an individual who works at the Texas Commission for the
Blind. Original message follows:

"The software is called Zoomtext, and they DO OFFER A TRIAL VERSION.  This
software is screen enlargement.  The trial version might last long enough for
your use.  It's at http://www.zoomtext.com/

ZoomText® Xtra™ is a new generation of adaptive software for Windows 95 and
Windows 3.1, that integrates multiple technologies to achieve a total
low-vision solution. The ZoomText Xtra family of software consists of three
product levels based on the world’s leading magnification program, ZoomText.

Level 1 is the most advanced screen magnifier on the market! Level 2 offers
a fully integrated magnifier and screen reader ­ designed specifically for
the low-vision computer user. Level 3, which is still under development,
will add scanning, OCR, form-filling and printing.

Another innovative feature of ZoomText Xtra is its document reading module,
called DocReader™. Existing in all three product levels, DocReader is a
full-screen environment for reading text from any Windows application. A few
clicks and you can sit back while DocReader automatically reads through
complete documents, including web pages and email".

End of original message.

Bob Burnett

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