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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, James P Lyons wrote:
> Yes I am using humalog, and so far I like it... how do you do the mix. 
> (actuall process)  I men if there is 1000u in a bottle, then to acheive 
> say a 7:1 ratio, you would have to add about 142u of V or R...and there 
> isn't room in the bottle, and mixing in the syringe itself at draw up 
> time strikes me as difficult at best and impossible at worst.  Obviously 
> many of you do it, i'm just wondering how?
John Neale is experimenting with mixing in a bottle, but I don't know of 
his results. My daughter mixes 5/1, she draws 50 units of V, clears the 
syringe of bubbles, then carefully draws 250 units of H with no bubbles. 
She's been doing it this way for a year, no problems that I know of. The 
precision of the mix is not terribly important. The changes caused by a 
10% or more mix error are very small (under 3% of total). There are a 
sizeable number of 'mixers' on the list, most mix in ratios from 3/1 to 
5/1 of H/V or H/R.

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