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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

James wrote:

>I get the feeling like i'm low... the meter tels me i'm 85...the feeling 
>doesn't go away, an hour and a half later, I give up, eat, and check (all 
>at once) and i'm 60.  At the same time, I will put off a meal or two, 
>sleep in till noon, etc etc... check my bg when I want to eat and its 
>like 45 and I'm feeling hungry but not low.  My question is this, has 
>anyone else noticed that you feel low when the sugar is dropING quickly, 
>and have a harder time picking up a low if you settle into it slow?  When 
>like a rock back to 80 or below...I feel high while its rising fast, and 
>low while its falling fast...but i'm not actually high or low.  Anyone 
>else notice this?

To add to Michael's and MJ's response about mixing H and V:

Some users report they are more sensitive to the *rate* of change, rather
than the BG level itself, as you report. In other words, they feel low if
they are dropping fast, or they feel high if they are rising fast. If they
get to a low or high point gradually, it's often not as noticeable.

I've seen this reported by Michael (Lily) and Mary Jean, who also report
some success with a mix of H and V in alleviating this feeling. I'm using
"straight from the tank / plain vanilla / straight up, no chaser"
Velosulin, and still notice this feeling on occasion, but it's not nearly
as dramatic as when I was using plain Humalog. With Humalog, the feelings
were more like a "kick in the pants"; with Velosulin, these feelings are
more like a "gentle nudge in the ribs". Personally, I prefer the nudge ;-)

Another possibility, though I'm not certain if it fits your situation, is
the *return* of hypoglycemic awareness after many years with diabetes.
Losing the ability to sense low BGs is fairly common in people who've had
diabetes for many years. In many cases, pumping helps to restore the
awareness that your BG is low or going low. I'm not sure how long it takes
for the condition to be reversed, but it may be a factor for you here.

Bob Burnett

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