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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

> Are you using Humalog? Sounds like it. This is why a number of pumpers 
> have started mixing in a small amount of V or R.
> Michael

Yes I am using humalog, and so far I like it... how do you do the mix. 
(actuall process)  I men if there is 1000u in a bottle, then to acheive 
say a 7:1 ratio, you would have to add about 142u of V or R...and there 
isn't room in the bottle, and mixing in the syringe itself at draw up 
time strikes me as difficult at best and impossible at worst.  Obviously 
many of you do it, i'm just wondering how?

James Lyons 
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Science Engineering Class of 2000

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense
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