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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

> I also get the feeling that I am going very low when in fact I am not low at
> all but just dropping very fast.  I have learned that I need to test when I
> thnik there is a problem so that I do not over react to what I think are low
> levels.
> I>I get the feeling like i'm low... the meter tels me i'm 85...the feeling
> >doesn't go away, an hour and a half later, I give up, eat, and check (all
> >at once) and i'm 60.  At the same time, I will put off a meal or two,
> >sleep in till noon, etc etc... check my bg when I want to eat and its
> >like 45 and I'm feeling hungry but not low.  My question is this, has
> >anyone else noticed that you feel low when the sugar is dropING quickly,

Are you using Humalog? Sounds like it. This is why a number of pumpers 
have started mixing in a small amount of V or R.

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