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[IP] Re: Problems With Syringes....

Hi John / Eugenia..

	I had a similar problem recently, which I noted to be the result of one
box of syringes... with what I perceived to be "dryer than appropriate"
lubricant.  I called MiniMed (via my rep), who immediately exchanged the
box & told me that they have traced a recent rash of "no-delivery" alarms
to what appears to be a lubricant quality issue.  The new box of syringes
has a better quality lubricant, which is not as prone to drying out.  Using
the new box, I am noticing the difference - more & better lubricant, NO
alarms.  Don't hesitate to call MiniMed - I have found them to be
*extremely* helpful!  Just an FYI.


>I've been having a similar run of No Delivery problems this last week or
>two. I've not had this trouble for ages. My immediate response now is to
>disconnect at the QR and bolus 5 units, and often the alarm re-occurs.
>If I disconnect at the syringe itself the alarm can still re-occur, so
>it's the syringe or pump and not the tubing or cannula. At least this
>saves an unnecessary set change. If I replace the syringe but keep
>everything else the problem is solved. I typically re-use the syringe 3
>or 4 times to save money, but now I'm replacing it every time. I've no
>idea why the syringes should suddenly get temperamemtal when I've had no
>trouble previously. Is it perhaps hot weather causing different
>expansion in the components?

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