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[IP] It can be frustrating!

  Subject: It can be frustrating!
  Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 2:21 PM
  	A while ago, I was complaining to a mom of 2 girls with diabetes 
  wondered why after weighting, measuring, taking exercise and everything I
  could think of into account, Kim's numbers would be completely bonkers! 
 Somedays everything worked pretty darn good and other days, whew.  She
  answered my question....After several good control days the Diabetes Gods
  get angry and mess everything up!!!  It made perfect sense to me and so
  when we have one of "those days", we just blame it on the gods and forget
  	Kim started pumping two weeks ago and she is soooo happy.  I took her
  to lunch just as soon as she got released from the hospital.  She ate
  60 grs of carbs but said "Mom, for the first time since I've been
  diagnosed, I'm full"  It is amazing to me how much easier the pump is
  compared to trying to out guess NPH mixed with R and H.  We still have
 work to do to get her numbers right where we want them but right now she's
  enjoying sleeping in and having her numbers stay pretty stable.  
  	I love all your stories and insights!  Linda
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